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No matter what the cause, following hospitalisation, the patient’s body needs some time and attention at home to recover from the rigours of illness, surgery or pregnancy.

We, at Care Continuum, have set out to provide Convalescent Care, Palliative Care, and even Long-term care ‘at-home’, through a supervised multidisciplinary team comprising of Nursing Aides, Nurse Supervisors, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Physicians and Specialists – a team that can create a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem outside hospitals. To avail of these services, all that is needed is a phone-call to our number, the day before the scheduled discharge, for our Care Coordinators to arrange for evaluation of the patient’s needs. The same applies if the patient is already at home and you are finding it difficult to cope. Just one phone-call. That’s all.

We are aware that everyone is unique and has different needs. This is why each client, at the beginning of engagement, is personally seen by our Physician / Nurse Supervisor, who performs the initial assessment which guides us in creating a "Plan of Care", specifying services, extra resources required and duration, that is personalized for each patient.

The way these services are set up, the bedside care is provided by Certified Nursing Aides, who have experience and who have also undergone specific training by us, and who are supervised through periodic visits by Senior Nursing staff as well as doctors. The referring doctor is kept in the loop continuously through teleconsultations and his/her recommendations are incorporated in the treatment protocol.

While overseeing the recovery process, all procurements needed for optimum care can be arranged for by the Care Continuum team, thereby relieving family members of any bother.

Following a successful period of supervised recovery with our team, we shall always be at hand to discuss alternative future care arrangements and, if required, assist in ensuring a smooth transition to a less intense care regime.

The services provided during convalescence@home by the Care Continuum team include :

FAQs and their answers


The passage of time stops for no one. In the process, we gain in terms of experience, insights, and hopefully, wisdom. We understand the world, and ourselves better, though sometimes we are left a bit bewildered by the rapid rate of change occurring around us! But time takes its toll too. We tend to lose out on our physical abilities as well as mental agility. We also lose out on our dreams and aspirations, the goals that drive us…. and things to look forward to.

We, at Care Continuum, understand. Understand that with advancing years, the needs, too, change. Maintaining good health, monitoring chronic problems so that they remain under control, getting proper & prompt help during medical emergencies become progressively more important. Gradually, some support is also required for some activities of daily living…. things like paying bills, assisting in shopping, bank work, visit to a doctor, or even taking in a show. Of course, nothing could be better than having activities to look forward to, that would provide a joyous focus to life. Sometimes it helps to have some assistance in making these activities happen.

With youngsters choosing to, or being forced to, move in search of their dreams, the elderly are often left to their own devices with little or no support. Those who have ventured out wish they could have some means to look after the near and dear ones they left behind. Those who have been left behind yearn for a helping hand.

Keeping this in mind, Care Continuum offers a solution in the form of a membership to an exclusive virtual club, Club Vintage.

This would entitle the members to a basket of services aimed at fulfilling these needs. Like any club, there is a refundable deposit that is required for enrolment and during this process of joining, a detailed profile of the member is created, which includes not only a thorough assessment of the person’s current and past medical conditions, but also comprehensive information about the person’s social and cultural background and inclinations. Along with that, there is an annual membership fee, that, in this case, entitles members to close medical supervision round the year, which includes visits at home by a healthcare provider at least once a week, and a personalized Annual health check-up. This also entitles the member to Emergency Rapid Response in the form of assessment & hospitalization, if required by a doctor with a fully equipped Ambulance.

If the member, due to episodic illness or a deteriorating health condition, requires specific medical intervention or nursing support, they are provided with appropriate assistance from our comprehensive list of health-related services as part of our supervised Convalescent Care and Rehabilitation programmes.

Along with this, there are many individual services that the member can avail of, according to their requirements, as mentioned above. Sometimes, all that a person requires is someone to talk to, spend some time with. We ensure that such needs are met. We also try to create opportunities for the members to participate in events / programmes of their interest, to enthuse them, to give them something to look forward to….. to enrich and improve their lives.


As part of our ReActivate programme, we, at Care Continuum, would like to present our service, Rehab@Home, which is about you being able to avail of the required physiotherapy and related treatment in the comfort of your home, from our team of trained & fully equipped, caring Physiotherapists, whom we are proud of. Our team is committed to get you, and each one of our patients, back to a pain-free and active life by focusing on thorough assessment, accurate diagnosis, customised treatment and follow-up, and to do all this with patience, warmth and empathy.

If you, or anyone you care for, has any of the conditions mentioned below, or have been advised Physiotherapy by your doctor, call 7044074009 or 03340054009 and our Care Coordinators will take care of the rest.

Honestly. That’s all you have to do. Just give us a call.

The Care Coordinators and a Senior Physiotherapist will arrange for the Assessment visit at the next available opportunity as per your convenience. If your doctor has clearly prescribed a treatment schedule, our team would follow it while providing care. If not, a senior physiotherapist would assess your requirements & suggest a customised regime from amongst the varied evidence based treatment protocols we have, including, but not limited to:

A Care Plan is thereafter prepared by the Senior Physiotherapist and explained in details, specifying the modalities, duration, achievable goals and cost of the suggested treatment package (in the form of pre-payment). If the treatment is started the same day, the assessment charge gets waived. If referred by your doctor, he/she would be given a feedback at the end of treatment. If not, the Senior Physiotherapist shall re-assess at the completion of the regime, and advise accordingly.

Answers to some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) related to Physiotherapy: